Galina has always been Good. How could she not be? Beloved daughter of the town blacksmith, sweetheart of the farmer's most charming son, and envy of her peers—Galina's life is as close to ideal as it can be.  Sinister powers may lurk deep in the forest, where waters run cold and unafraid, but Galina is well-protected; after all, how could anything less than blissful befall someone so good?

Her constant longing for perfection, however, is more dangerous than she knows.


  • Rich, branching narrative inspired by Slavic folklore and gothic fantasy
  • Control Galina's fate — player-shaped story with multiple unlockable endings
  • Discover the secret haunting the forest surrounding Galina's home, explore her relationships with her loved ones, and face her fears
  • Unlock more details in your Codex and character profiles
  • Mobile accessible
  • User-adjustable font size and style
  • Curated display themes inspired by classic works of art

Content Warnings & Audience Discretion

Mild blood/gore, mentions of death and violence. This game is intended for players 16+.

About the Game

Quintessence was created over the span of four days (heh) for Ectocomp 2022 (English, Le Grand Guignol). And yes, that would be the last four days of the jam. Let it never be said I shy away from a challenge. 

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLapin Lunaire Games
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDark Fantasy, Folklore, Halloween, Narrative, storygame, Story Rich, supernatural
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

Development log


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Impressive story. Great evocative writing. Emotionally touching.

When I clicked "NEW SISTERS" on the last page, there was a notification that Dana was updated in the Dramatis Personae. When I looked, nothing had changed.

Best of luck in the Comp!



Thank you! I also saw your review on the IF Forum - double thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it and will investigate that pesky Dana thing this evening.