Update 3.0

What's new: Fixed bug stopping progress after Fortinbras confrontation, 4 additional endings, save game slots, additional lore 

This is (for the foreseeable future) the final build of Elsinore: After Hamlet. There are 4 completely new endings added in this update as well as more options to explore liminal Elsinore and influence which path your character ultimately takes. I also implemented a save system (shoutout to the very helpful and kind community on the Twine discord for help with the footer passages) and this update should be fully mobile-responsive. Along with the new endings, there is new lore available about the game and Elsinore itself. The UI got a little bit of a makeover as well and now offers a more cohesive playing experience.

Thank you for playing!

If you encounter any issues, please comment with a screenshot if possible. Comments, questions, and reactions are all welcome to the comments section as well! 


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Oct 23, 2021

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